ZAGA by Simple Machine, LLC is just awesome… why is it awesome? We’ll, it turns out, I actually had a developer friend who was working on a game nearly identical to this one a few years back.

He gave up on the project, a huge waste in my opinion, and well, that was the end of it, or at least that’s what I thought… It turns out great minds sometimes do think alike. For me, reviewing ZAGA is like a dream come true!

Anyway back to the review, ZAGA is a game based on two points, a red one and a blue one. As the player your job is to avoid obstacles and the edge of the screen by tapping on the screen and switching the direction in which the points travel.

The points are constantly headed for a collision course with one wall or another meaning you’ll need to constantly tap on the screen creating a zig zag trail behind you. It’s a simple game, just really hard to put into words…

If you loved duet, chances are you’ll love ZAGA even more! If you were just looking for a new game to challenge you, well you might have just found it…

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