Tomb Heroes – A game about Shooting, Jumping, and Sword Wielding Madmen

When we received the review request for this game, the description for it went something like this, “A brand new and unique game based around shooting and jumping” …wait a second, isn’t that what 90% of games seem to be about lately? …well, not exactly.

Tomb Heroes is a simple and easy to play game that brings a new twist into a commonly used game concept i.e.”Jumping & Shooting.” The game is not played with a “jump button” and a “shoot button”, but rather uses “Tap on the left half of the screen to move left, and the right half to move right” controls that you will use to control your player’s direction shooting and jumping… What!?😳

If you’re having trouble picturing how this would all work, don’t worry we did as well…😓

Each time you tap on a side of the screen, your player will jump in the opposite direction to which you tapped while firing a bullet. Using these simple yet complex tap controls your mission in this game is to defend yourself from monsters, giant spiders, bombers, sword wielding maniacs, and more.

As you can probably already imagine, getting used to these controls will take a little while. There are some enemies you can jump on and crush with your sturdy boots, while others can only be defeated with bullets. On top of this there are items you can collect in order to power up your player for a limited amount of time just to add a little to your first time confusion… But once you’ve gotten used to the game…😉

Tomb Heroes – although a little tricky at first – is an addictive action game you can play in bustling situations that would normally make it difficult to precisely press small on-screen buttons.

With all the action you’d expect from a high end mobile runner game, and with a near 0% chance of hitting the wrong button due to shaking or jolting (that results from your ride to or from work) Tomb Heroes is a trusty companion to have on your mobile device for when boredom hits you hardest…

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