Give It Up! 2 – Part 2 of your worst nightmare back to haunt you once again…

This was “going” to be our review of a spectacularly unforgiving game that will make you end up hating yourself but… well… we give up… too (This is our review of Give It Up 2)

Unfortunately for Die Hard Edamame Fans, we can’t review Give It Up 2 in the way we normally review games. Why? We can’t even clear the 2nd level…😓  When the developers said, “This game is unforgiving” they really meant it.

Give It Up 2 is a simple rhythm bouncer game that is basically a cross between a platformer, and a rhythm tapper game such as Groove Planet. The game is played in pretty much the way you’d expect it to be, (if you are familiar with rhythm games at all) and require the player to simply rhythmically tap on the screen of their device to control the player.

So far so good, the game itself doesn’t sound too hard and you are probably wondering what’s the matter with us… it gets worse from here…

Unlike most rhythm games, you cannot clear Give It Up! 2 just by simply rhythmically tapping on the screen of your device. In Give It Up! 2 you’ll be required to miss beats, switch rhythms and sometimes even ignore rhythms altogether. At first this may not sound like too much of an issue, but once you see the blinding speed at which the game progresses you’ll soon think again…

For players who like being tortured, we mean “challenged”, Give It Up! 2 is designed to make you fail in the most miserable and annoying ways imaginable! Just as you thought you were on a role “BANG!” you’re dead…😞

To be completely honest we probably don’t have the right to conclude this game review, (since we’re still stuck on Level 2) but for anyone thinking about giving this game a try we have one word of advice.

No matter how many times you die, no matter how many times you feel like just giving up, no matter how many times this game hurts you, don’t ever throw your phone at a wall in frustration. Your screen will smash and that will suck😜

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