TIME LOCKER – The Best Overhead Shooter This World Has Ever Seen!

Have you ever tried to dodge nerf darts matrix style? You likely discovered that you weren’t as flexible as you expected, and that landing on concrete head first hurts more than being hit by foam darts…😓

TIME LOCKER is a game about time and perspective. Unlike most games released after the success of Flappy Bird, TIME LOCKER isn’t a fast paced impossible game, but is actually quite the opposite. TIME LOCKER is played by controlling time itself!

Your player – a cube with legs and a gun – alongside every other animal, car, tree, and penguin is locked into the same concept of “time” meaning if you the player don’t do anything, nothing will ever move, nothing will ever happen, the universe will die…

Obviously you won’t let the universe die, (where’s the fun in that!) and so things “will” happen, but only at the speed at which you allow them to occur. You see, your player in TIME LOCKER is controlled with a few simple swipe gestures – “swipe up” to “move up”, “swipe down” to “move down”, etc. – but along with your player, each time you swipe on the screen of your device, everything else in the world, (time itself) will move.

For a simple overhead shooter, the concept TIME LOCKER is built upon is – at first – rather difficult to get your head around, but once you do, this game becomes truly awesome!

For instance, if you see an enemy bullet approaching, you can simply slow time – thus slowing both your player and the bullet – and step around it. If the battle field begins to get cluttered and difficult to watch over, stop time and take a moment to check up on what you are up against.

TIME LOCKER gives you “nearly” complete control over the entire game. The only thing you can’t control in this game is a gradually rising “line of death” that when touched will kill your player. The death line is the only object in the entire game that isn’t affected by time meaning to avoid being hit you’ll have to move fast…!

“If you stop, Time stops” is by far one of the simplest and most creative concepts we’ve ever seen. This game is simply brilliant!

For people who love thinking about time loops, paradoxes, and of course time travel, TIME LOCKER is a game you must play, it will have you intrigued for weeks to come!

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