Colorpede – A game to “prove” that you are different…

Do you just love simple A or B games that, although simple (e.g. Is the color Red or Blue?) when put into a fast paced game seem to become impossible? Today we’ve got a game that may be the simplest of all color matching games available on the App Store!

With only two colors to mess up (A 50% chance of success every time) you’d expect this simple color matching game to be easy… We’ll it is! …in theory😓

Colorpede if played by an AI would no doubt be one of the most boring games in the entire world. With nothing abnormal, or random, nothing uncontrollable or unformidable to just swoop in and kill you, the moment you die in Colorpede is simply dictated by your brain’s computing power. Nothing more…

If you’re “brave enough” to test out your brain’s true abilities, Colorpede is an extremely simple game to play (Eliminating the excuse “I was still figuring out the controls…”). For readers who haven’t watched the video above, Colorpede is played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to switch the positions of two color blocks positioned on either side of a line that spans the height of your device’s screen.

Your goal in this game is to switch the positions of the two colored blocks in order to match the colors up with the same colored checkpoints that “slowly” move up your screen.

Obviously this game isn’t slow forever meaning you’ll need an “Intel Core i7” level brain to keep on top of everything going on…😱

If the thought of testing the true capacity of your brain sends shivers running down your spine, this probably isn’t the game you were looking for.

If however you know for a fact that you are different to everyone else, that you were born to rule, born to conquer, born with powers no one else possesses, this may be the game you can use to finally prove that “you” are the one!

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