We’ve reviewed a lot of clicker games, of which Tap Titans and Tap Titans 2 used to be our two favorites! Today everything changes… Wow, those are 2 old reviews…👆🙄

TapTap Heroes (by Ajoy Lab) is an almost fully automatic RPG style adventure game for busy mobile gamers. Set in a mystical world where battling monsters with a party of awesome heroes is just a part of everyday life, TapTap Heroes is a game that “almost” packs that fully immersive mobile gaming experience you crave from your childhood into a game you can play on and off while actually still getting somewhere within the game.

If you read our very old review of Tap Titans 2, we discuss how the semi-automatic gameplay system in Tap Titans 2 actually allows busier players to progress through the game without spending every moment of their spare time tapping on the screen of their device.

TapTap Heroes doesn’t quite offer that level of automation – which you may or may not want – but instead gives you pretty much everything else you would expect to see in a fully fledged mobile RPG!

From beautifully animated characters to exciting boss battles, this game offers you the opportunity to join a guild, participate in quests, chat with other players, and upgrade your favorite characters using the items you collect within the game.

Although we ourselves have yet to fully explore this feature-filled game, TapTap Heroes basically consists of a semi-automatic battle system that continues to earn you money, and items whether the app is open or closed for a maximum period of 8 hours. You will be required to open the app every 8 hours in order to keep making money…

Using the items you collect while the app is closed, (while you are busy living your life), you can upgrade your player, fight boss battles, and participate in whatever interesting events happen to be taking place. No matter how little free time you have to spend gaming in your life, TapTap Heroes is a game where you can still become something amazing!

With no Ads, (as far as we are aware), tons of features we haven’t even mentioned in our review(!), and who knows what more to come – especially considering this game is officially still in development – TapTap Heroes is a game we are super excited about playing once it is officially released.😆

The Conclusion

If you (like us) can’t wait till the official release of TapTap Heroes, the unreleased version is currently available on Google Play!

Although (unreleased) games do have a tendency to sometimes crash – which is understandable considering they are officially still in development – if you don’t care and would just like to play TapTap Heroes, there is nothing holding you back! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

Want to give TapTap Heroes a try? The download link is just below.📲
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