Super Sonic Surge – An enjoyable level of speed!

Earlier today we reviewed a game called Sonic Surge. This game looks good but is so insanely fast, most people will no doubt never make it past stage one. Super Sonic Surge is a new and updated version of Sonic Surge that looks better, has way more functionality and is actually slower.

Super Sonic Surge is a fast-paced 3D runner game which is actually slower than its 2D predecessor. Which in this case is actually a good thing… Set in a beautiful 3D wasteland filled with obstacles jutting out from the ground beneath, your mission in this game is – just like last time – to survive. Only this time it is actually possible…

Although fast, Super Sonic Surge never felt impossible, just so long as we weren’t stupid. By watching what’s coming up ahead, you will almost always manage a quick turn in time to survive which obviously makes playing this game much more enjoyable.

With graphics similar to that of Race The Sun, lots of power-ups you can die trying to collect, a new world for you to explore every day, and 4 awesome ships to unlock, this game will last you quite a while.

On top of all this, there are also quests for you to complete and strange enemies that fly ahead of you. It seems there is much more for us to uncover…

If you’re after a 3D runner game that is actually set at a manageable speed, this is probably the game you came for today.

If however this is not what you want! If you believe speed is everything! Chances are you’ll enjoy Sonic Surge, this game’s insanely fast predecessor…😅

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