Sonic Surge – Is this perhaps a little too fast?

Do you have the need…? The need for SPEED…? Well then, good luck keeping up, because this is our review of Sonic Surge the fastest game you will ever play!

At Edamame Reviews we’ve reviewed a lot of fast games in the past, but each time we think we’ve found the fastest game ever, a new game tops it. As a quick message to all the game developers of the world, please don’t top Sonic Surge. Things are getting a little ridiculous.

Sonic Surge is a super fast paced runner game so insanely fast you won’t exactly know why you died half of the time. Set in a beautiful 3D world, similar to that of Smash Hit, your mission in this game is to shoot down a 3 lane road without smashing into any of the many obstacles that shoot past you at “literally” blinding speeds!

Although the gameplay system is very basic runner style, (tap on the left side of your screen to shift to the left lane, and on the right to shift to the right), the insane speed at which the game moves makes shifting into a safe lane before it’s too late virtually impossible.

Unless you have a superhuman reaction time and can somehow manage to avoid smashing into objects that move at an almost invisibly fast speed, this probably isn’t the game for you.

That said if you can play this game without dying every 10 or so seconds, the graphics in this game are beautiful, which make it a real shame that it is way too hard for the majority of people to enjoy. Which perhaps may be the reason they made a part 2…😉

Have you always had this strong inner feeling that you may actually be a super human? If so, this may be the perfect game for you to test out your skills. Unless of course you are playing the game on an iPhone 7 Plus “Jet Black”. Some say they are polished using kryptonite😱

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