Super Cat Tales – A super cute 2D platformer with no Game Over…!?

Who doesn’t like cute games? Even if your favorite game is a first person zombie shooter(!) chances are you’ve still smiled while playing Nintendogs at least once in your life… Somewhere deep down we all have a soft spot for games like Super Cat Tales…

Super Cat Tales is a retro pixel style 2D runner game based on cuteness! The characters, the enemies, the entire stage is filled with cuteness unrivaled by any 2D platformer we’ve reviewed to date! …this said, it’s also almost unrivaled in “quality” as well…

Although the graphics in this game may be “retro style”, the small animations / effects scattered throughout the game definitely don’t reflect Super Cat Tales retro look. With lifelike animations and effects implemented into even the smallest of details such as the softly rustling grass, slowly falling leaves, and dandelions that take to the sky as you speedily dash past, the graphics in this game are obviously powered by something very un-retro😉

Getting into the game, things suddenly get very simple. Played using only left / right controls, you are capable of performing everything required to complete Super Cat Tales by simply tapping on the left or right sides of your screen! (e.g. single tap to run, double tap to dash, etc.)

In addition to super simple controls, it is actually difficult to Game Over in this game. You see, a little like Sonic from Sonic Heros, your cat in this game can only die when hit during a stun phase.

This means that your enemy will need to hit you once to stun you, then hit you a second time to Game Over. In the lower levels it’s possible but probably won’t happen all that often… And by the time you get to the higher levels you should be relatively well prepared.

Need your daily dose of cuteness? Super Cat Tales is ready anytime!

With a simple and easy to follow storyline, an intuitive gameplay system, and a minimal number of annoying Game Over moments. This game is going to be hard to put down…

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