Have you ever played QWOP? If you’re a real geek you need to have played this viral game at least once in your lifetime. It’s an “essential” requirement! Today we’ve found a game quite a bit easier than QWOP, but just as funny! This is our review of Steppy Pants.

Steppy Pants is probably one of the silliest ideas we’ve ever seen for a game. Who would ever think of turning “walking” into a hilarious game? Not us, but somehow this – perhaps a little too simple – game manages to bring smiles to the faces of almost everyone who plays it. A great success in the world of games.

So what is Steppy Pants? Well in a nutshell, it’s a game where you avoid stepping on the cracks in the foot path, a game most of us have probably played as 5 year olds…😅 By touching and holding on the screen of your device your character – a dangly blue fellow who probably needs to see a doctor… – will take a step or stride, depending on how long you tap.

For a game so simple, so silly, so crazy, Steppy Pants has some of the highest quality 3D pixelated graphics we’ve ever seen! For anyone who thinks this game is pretty much a joke – which it is – Steppy Pants is actually one of the highest quality jokes we’ve ever seen and is simply awesome to play! 

The Conclusion

For those of you who hate the “Game Over” screen of games, Steppy Pants is the game for you. This game is so silly, somehow you just can’t get angry or annoyed when you lose in this game…

If you think you haven’t laughed enough this week, how about giving Steppy Pants a try? It’s sure to bring a smile to your face😃

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