Starlit Archery Club – The “Clash Royale” of casual puzzle gaming!😆

Do you agree that playing with “Actual People” is almost always more fun than playing against a Bot?🤖 Although people can be annoying… sometimes really annoying…😅 People are almost always more fun to play with. Especially when you win…😝

Starlit Archery Club (by Rockhead Games) is a game that is probably best described as the “Clash Royale” of casual mobile puzzle gaming. Played online against other players this game is played using a Bubble Popper like mechanic that has been modified to work as a real-time multiplayer puzzle game.

Featuring much of the same features you will find in other similar multiplayer games, Starlit Archery Club features 17 different “Cups” or “Leagues” for you to conquer, “Friendly Greetings” you can use to spam your opponents and a “Card-Based” item system. Although a very different game compared to the original Starlit Adventures we reviewed almost 3 years ago, (Kikki hardly does anything in this game!) this game still features some of the same great things we loved about Starlit Adventures.

With beautifully animated 3D visuals, simple “Touch / Swipe” based controls and the same cute characters we fell in love with 3 years ago, Starlit Archery Club is a game that once again feels great to play. But how does it stack up as a multiplayer puzzle game…?

…Although we had our doubts about a multiplayer puzzle gameStarlit Archery Club is actually surprisingly fun and enjoyable! Thanks to the standard UI design, multiplayer match system, and magnificent visuals, this game may actually be the best multiplayer puzzle game we’ve ever seen!

Not surprising considering it may be the only multiplayer puzzle game we’ve ever played.

The Conclusion

Much as we really enjoyed playing Starlit Archery Club multiplayer games are all about the community. Although we really enjoyed the game, it is far too early to call whether or not this game will become a grand success or an awesomely good looking failure…

Either way, if you are in for a brand new puzzle game where your opponent is actually a person, (not a ticking clock), Starlit Archery Club is a game we highly recommend you take a look at.😆

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