Do you love 8-bit retro graphics? If so, congratulations(!) because today we’ve got a retro style game – with an insanely modern game concept – you simply can’t miss!

Spout is a physics based game about an 8-bit rocket like player, fully destructible obstacles, and coins you will die trying to collect. Played in a similar fashion to some of the rocket lander games we previously featured on Edamame Reviews, this game is based purely on physics and your ability to use your rockets to destroy obstacles.

Featuring a rocket engine that spouts 8-bit particles in whatever direction you happen to point it, your mission in this game is to use these particles to propel your rocket forward as well as destroy obstacles that block your path.

As far as we know this game doesn’t have a time limit or a limit on how much fuel you can use which means that in theory, this game should be easy… in theory…

In reality, Spout is one of the harder games you will ever play, not because the game is hard, but because it is surprisingly difficult to restrain yourself from plowing forward at full speed and smashing into an obstacle…😓

That said if you are the type of player that can play it slow – and focus on completing the task before you – this is a game we highly recommend you check out. With no time limit or fuel limit – as we stated above – this is one of the best looking 8-bit game we have ever seen(!), and we highly recommend you check it out!

The Conclusion

If you have the self-control to play it safe and actually destroy the obstacles that block your path, this is an incredibly fun and enjoyable physics-based 8-bit game you won’t find anywhere else. If you’d like a game that isn’t like anything we’ve ever seen before, this is the game for you.

Want to give Spout a try? The download link is just below😉

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