SplashUp! – The coolest puzzle game ever!

When you think of a puzzle game, you normally wouldn’t imagine a mono-colored stage filled with literally invisible obstacles. …well it seems someone (GameCream) did, and so this is our review of SplashUp!…

SplashUp! (by GameCream) is one of the coolest platformer games we’ve seen this year. Set on a “mostly” purple stage (approximately 99% purple) your mission in this game is to roll a glowing white ball around the stage, collect stars, and find orbs which are required to unlock a gate which leads to the next level.

Since 99% of your screen is “literally” the same color, there is no actual way of telling where exactly on the stage you happen to be, until you start moving. Each time your player bumps into a wall or suddenly speeds up, a large splash of paint will fly from your player and splat onto whatever objects might be nearby. Similar to the game Splatoon.

By slowly painting the stage around you, SplashUp! requires you to slowly discover more about your surroundings – a lot of the time via trial and error – until you have a good enough image of your surroundings to clear the level in one go.

As you can probably already imagine, with mobile games like this, the graphics are everything(!) and SplashUp! won’t disappoint you. Featuring colorful life-like animations, amazing lighting effects, and attention to detail such as slight red-ish tint that covers the screen as you grow nearer to an unseen danger, this game has everything it takes to go totally viral!

With 48 levels for you to explore, a bunch of different skins and color pallets for you to unlock, and a surprisingly minimal number of ads, considering just how many times you will die in this game, SplashUp! is a game we can honestly recommend to anyone!

Hopefully, we will see some new levels to explore in the near future. 😆

The Conclusion

If Splatoon was a casual mobile game that didn’t include squid, chances are it would look a lot like SplashUp! If you’re in need of a game that combines a nice mixture of action, puzzle, and art into the one title, SplashUp! is the game for you.

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