Jewels Panda – This game could last you 2.7 Years!

Are you (like us) constantly on the hunt for new end exiting match 3 style puzzle games? If so, today we have yet another match 3 puzzle game for you to check out, especially if you happen to be in love with cute pandas! 🐼❤️😆

Jewels Panda (by ZPLAY and Together Games) is a very well made match 3 puzzle game. With relatively high-end graphics – nothing over the top, yet very acceptable – simple swipe-based controls, we should all be very familiar with at this point, and a high level of functionality, you won’t go wrong choosing this game.

Featuring a whopping 1,000 levels for you to puzzle your way through, this game could last you 2.7 years with no-updates(!) assuming you played an average of 1 game per day!

Much as all this is impressive, during our time testing Jewels Panda, we didn’t exactly find any killer features we would consider game-changing. Although there are no obvious downsides to you choosing this game, there are also no real reasons for you to choose “this” game over any other match 3 puzzle game.

This is an issue we’ve seen in almost 90% of the match 3 puzzle games we’ve featured within the last 6 to 12 months. Although they are all cute, intuitive, and highly functional games, they also all mimic one another just a little too well, leaving you with essentially 10, 20 or even 100 games that are all practically the same…😕

This isn’t an issue unique to Jewels Panda. As we said above, 90% of match 3 puzzle games are essentially the same.

So where does this leave us? With a panda of course! 🐼

If you would rather a match 3 puzzle game packed with Jelly, or a match 3 puzzle game featuring a Time-Traveling(?) Dog & Gerbil, or “anything else” for that matter, perhaps Jewels Panda isn’t the match 3 puzzle game for you.

However, if you’re after a match 3 game with a Panda, Jewels Panda is the game for you! …and seriously? Who doesn’t love pandas…? 🐼😍

The Conclusion

Has the thought of completing 1,000 levels over 2.7 years together with a cute panda in an explorers outfit captivated your attention!

If so, this is probably the match 3 puzzle game you’ve been waiting for!

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