Spin It! – The closest thing to “impossibleness” we have seen all week!

Spin It! is a game with a title that pretty much explains itself. Your mission in this game is to tap on the screen of your device in order to, (rotate / switch the angle) of all the objects scattered around each stage in order to help your player, (a glowing white ball) make it to a glowing white box which acts as your goal.

For anyone who has played a game where you are required to shoot your player from cannon to cannon around a 2D stage, Spin It! is pretty much the same game, just instead of shooting your player, your player is mostly controlled by being deflected around each stage.

In theory, this game is very simple and shouldn’t be hard for the average player to enjoy. …Unfortunately, theory and reality often don’t go hand in hand…

The number of split-second decisions you’ll be required to make in order to clear even the simplest of levels is mind boggling! If you’ve had this strange feeling that you may actually be a genius, this is the perfect game for you to test out your true abilities.

With a decent gameplay system and some nice quality graphics, Spin It! is a wonderful game to have on your smartphone, if you’re good enough to actually play it…😉

Need a challenging new high-speed puzzle game?

Spin It! is a super fast game that will take you forever to get to the end of…
(Unless of course, you are a genius.)

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