Spill It! – Are we the only ones who find this game funny…?

“CAUTION” This game may not be interesting… 😂

Before writing our review of Spill It! (by tastypill and Hamba) which we found very funny, we decided to share some gameplay footage with our fans on TikTok – if you don’t follow us yet, you should totally check out our account! (@Edamame_Reviews)

The response from our brutally honest fans was “a little” less than positive so, maybe this is just one of those games most people don’t understand? Who knows, but anyway here comes our review…! ✌️

Spill It! is a game about smashing glasses filled with red wine using colored balls you can drop down from the top of your screen. Featuring a mechanic you will likely find very familiar, Spill It! is essentially one of those games where you have to knock stuff over in as few moves as possible. Pretty standard puzzle game stuff.

Now, this could just be us, but the act of knocking over glasses that shatter into tiny pieces while spilling red wine literally everywhere in a digital world where carpet cleaning isn’t an issue… we find this very funny… 😂

Apparently though from the comments we received, not everyone feels that way, so ignoring the comedy, this is what you get. Currently, Spill It! features a whopping 300 levels for you to laugh… we mean “puzzle” your way through, a few different skins for you to unlock, and a moderate/high number of ads.

Most of the levels aren’t too hard but be careful! This game features a sneaky VIP weekly subscription which isn’t cheap… Currently, the number 1 thing we look out for in free games…

The Conclusion

So long as you don’t accidentally subscribe to this game for 6 months without realizing it, your experiences playing this game should be fairly positive overall. The controls are simple, the puzzles are fun and apparently we have the sense of humor of 4-year-olds…

See you in our next review! 😜😜😜

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