Sol705 A retro point and click graphic adventure on its final week on Kickstarter

Sol705 is a hilarious graphic adventure that brings back all the good stuff from the ’90s point-and-click classics with a – slightly – modern touch! Because nostalgia is not what it used to be!

Join a group of eccentric friends looking to sneak out from duty and spend all their free time at their own secret extraterrestrial research club.

Making contact with an alien race? Easy. Getting a date with one of their classmates? Well… let’s just call it a top priority on the club’s hidden agenda!

The story will unfold during the 70’s, over the course of a young boy’s winter break in a remote town called Tucana Lake, located on a land at the very end of the world known as Argentina. Mystery and references around every corner, a distorted reality that mixes American, European and out of this world pop culture influences and lots of amazing, wacky, sci-fi situations has been set to provide you hours of pure pixelated ecstasy!

You can support the development of the full adventure here on Kickstarter 👉


How to play?

This game pays homage to the great Lucas Arts, Sierra and Delphine Software of yore, making use of the 4 classic interaction verbs: examine, talk, pick up and use. Speaking of verbs, I do believe that a good script is the one thing that can’t be out of this kind of game, so making you laugh, or at least chuckle in delight with some clever one-liners, funny interactions and sassy comebacks is going to be one of my main goals.


Like this demo? Then get ready because, with your help, this game can become larger, bigger, and better, since there’s still room for improvement such as better animations, graphics, music and tons of super funny and intriguing new situations!

You can support the development of the full adventure here on Kickstarter 👉

● More than 45 original characters!
● Up to 3 playable characters (human and no humans!)
● Dozens of beautiful handmade backgrounds scenarios!
● Full-voiced dialogues in English by a cast of professional voice actors!
● Amazing pop-rock soundtrack performed by real-life bands!
● Unique retro sci-fi ambiance!
● Not so hard puzzles and cool retro stuff to collect and use!
● Out of this time cameos and conversations!
● DRM – Free download or Steam (pixel hunting free) Key!
● Dialogues and cutscenes translated into not only English but also Spanish, German, Russian, French, Portuguese and (Probably?) Esperanto!


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About – Land Patricio

My name is Patricio Land aka Pato and I’ve been working on this game in all my free time for the past ten months as a personal project, sometimes even with my kids as a family project! Back in October 2017, the first episode of this story was released for free on a bunch of platforms. Since then, the response from the public was truly amazing. Adventurers loved the characters, the story, the music… it left me speechless!

It made me really happy to see people asking me for more and more original content every day. It was a lot of hard work and I was expecting some success (not, really!) so I’m focusing on the development of the whole story, as people wanted more of Sol705!

You can collaborate with Sol705 Kickstarter Campaign right now 👉
in order to allow us to develop the full version of this adventure.

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