Review! – Basically… only 100% easier… was great fun back in 2016, which is why it actually makes a lot of sense why Voodoo would remake it for the players of 2019. That having been said, if you played the original back in 2016 you’ll probably be shocked to find just how easy it is! 😂

First and foremost,! (by Voodoo) isn’t an online game. Although it looks like an online game with other human players for you to ruthlessly murder, all of the players in this game are actually bots – which is probably why! is so much easier than

Set on a much smaller platform than the original,! is played by skillfully touching and dragging on the screen of your device in order to gobble up what seems to be oranges!? in order to grow longer and “presumably” more powerful!

…although you can still die if you so much as bump your head into another snake’s body…



Anyway, for anyone who played the original,! doesn’t feature boosting – so your snake won’t be moving any faster – your turning circle is amazing – so you won’t need to worry about getting trapped – and the bots are well… kind of stupid, making the game even easier! 😂

With a bunch of different skins for you to unlock, quite a number of Ads, and super simple controls,! is a genuinely easy game. Although it could be hard for you to make it to 100% – which sort of doesn’t make sense anyway since you aren’t really coloring any ground like in – if you’re just trying to survive and maybe take out a few bots in the process, this game should be really easy for most players.

The Conclusion

In need of a serious update to your favorite snake filled game? Well, here it is, and it’s easier than ever before!

Maybe now I can actually become the number one snake? 😂

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