Fillette – The most innovative color game! Try your Color ability

Fillette (Fill your Palette) is a game about solving color puzzles by following hints given by your guide. Remove all the color tiles using hints given by your guide and get golden keys by clearing stages.

You can also get a special key if you fill in all the palettes. Aren’t you curious? Challenge yourself to the puzzles in Fillette now!

It will never be an easy trip.
If you overcome all the difficulties, maybe you are a color master!


How to play?

#1. Use the Guide
The guide will help you.
Remove all colorful tiles using hints given by the guide!
As you progress through levels, the difficulty of the color adventure also increases.

#2. Use your Items
Light up your path with your items when you are troubled.
‘Heart’ will increase your health
‘Light bulb’ will light up your path.
‘Booster’ will increase your energy.
With all these three items, you can overcome any troubles.
The golden key is already prepared for you who overcome all difficulties.

#3. Fill your Palette
Fill your palette by your own adventures
Open the treasure box with your ‘Golden Key’ from your adventure.
You can achieve special colors by gathering all the mystic colors.

#4. Enjoy Adventures
What if you are the master who conquers all the color games?
Show your infinite possibilities with challenge mode.
You are an experienced adventurer. This journey is all yours!
Are you still hesitating? Just start your adventure with the guide!



– Unique gameplay system
– Beautiful design and mysterious ambiance
– A color game that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.
– Average Clear Time for One Stage: 3 seconds
– In-app advertisement removal


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About – HAE Studio

Hello! We are a two-person development team called HAE.

HAE consists of Eunjin Choi (Planning and Design) and Hyunwook Lee (Development). We are both college students at Chung-ang university in Korea, and are attempting to convey ’emotion and color of each one’.

Find the color of your own by starting a journey through our game.
Fill your Palette, with HAE. Our Official Website.

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