Skilly Shooterstars – A modified version of soccer that is “almost” impossible…

(It is the year 20XX) Due to scientist Dr. Skillys dangerous experimentation with teleportation devices that accidentally teleported a massive ancient Space God just above our planet, you are now called upon to protect earth using your awesome soccer skills…!
“This totally makes sense…” (direct quote from Skilly Shooterstars intro😆 )

Skilly Shooterstars is a game based more or less upon the situation depicted above, and seriously it makes a lot of sense. Using your elite soccer skills, your mission in this game is to defeat the Space God CTHOO at his own game. (A slightly modified version of soccer using colored balls, colored goals, and of course bombs.)

The game is played using simple tap and swipe gestures, which are actually far from simple when put into practice…😓  In front of your player is a massive 3 goaled machine that spits out 3 different colored balls, Blue, Pink, and White.

Your job is to kick each colored ball into its matching colored goal by quickly swiping on the right side of your screen to move the correct goal into position while tapping on the left side to kick the ball before it hits the ground…😅  (Almost impossible for the average human.)

Although the game is frankly nearly impossible, (unless you call one of your friends to control one half of the screen?) both the graphics and the overall responsiveness of the game is superb, so if you think you have the skill to play this game, we highly recommend you give it a try.

Need a modified version of soccer for your smartphone that may actually be harder than just playing real soccer?

Skilly Shooterstars is an insanely difficult soccer game that will really put your skills to the test.

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