About 2 months ago, we reviewed a game called Shoot the Dragons by Weedo Games. Recently we received news that this already great game had received some major updates and so today we decided to check things out.

In a nutshell, Shoot the Dragons now features levels split up by words, a better gameplay tutorial, more exotic characters and skills, and a few minor changes to the visuals of the game.

Although the core aesthetics of the game haven’t really changed much, besides the removal of a Christmas mode, and the gameplay system overall is still mostly the same. What has changed are the very small details which make playing Shoot the Dragons for beginners just that much easier.

As a developer, the subtle changes the Weedo Games Team made in this slightly major update are well worth checking out.

For instance the new UI in Shoot the Dragons is extremely helpful for beginners because: (1) There are way fewer buttons.
(2) Notification bubbles appear above buttons notifying you of an upgrade you are now capable of performing.
(3) The game now features levels split up on a single easily navigatable map.

These are all small updates that don’t really affect the gameplay but strongly affect the user experience/addictiveness of the game overall.

The Conclusion

If you’re wondering how to make your game feel just that little bit more addictive, how about you give Shoot the Dragons a try? Perhaps you’ll notice something we overlooked?

Want to give Shoot the Dragons a try? The download link is just below😉

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