Have you noticed that there is a fine line between a game packed with functionality, and a game so functional it’s simply confusing? A problem found in some high-end games is the ability to do anything(!) at the expense of intuitiveness… Today’s game is pretty much the opposite.

HAWK: Freedom Squadron is a super simplified high-end top-down shooter game that is so simple you will find yourself playing game after game with no need to ever stop and think about what you are doing. Although simplified this isn’t a game for babies. 

In fact, the story behind this game, and levels you will be required to complete can at times be surprisingly hard. “So what makes this game so simple?” The little things.

Instead of forcing players to sit around for hours comparing this gun vs that gun watching your aircraft’s stats go up and down, this game simply has an “Equip Best” function that equips the best configuration currently possible.

Also, instead of forcing users to control their aircraft using a set of tiny virtual joysticks and buttons, (which can actually be good at times), HAWK: Freedom Squadron allows you to simply tap and drag anywhere on the screen in order to move your player.

All these small features added together with this game’s overall simplified look gives HAWK: Freedom Squadron an atmosphere of simplicity. Whereas if you judged this game based on pure difficulty you’d be surprised at how challenging it really is.

The Conclusion

If you are of the belief that simple is best… or would just like a game that can help you lose track of time. HAWK: Freedom Squadron is a game you’ll probably want to check out.

Want to give HAWK: Freedom Squadron a try? The download link is just below

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  1. It’s a absolutely fantastic game. That’s the only reason I haven’t deleted it. They need to fix the bugs in it. It keeps crashing and making me restart right when I reach the end of some levels. Other than that love it.

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