RotatorX – From VR to Mobile, this is an avoider game you need to know about!

RotatorX (by DEFICIT Games) is a really good looking game. Set in a futuristic Si-Fi sort of world, your mission in this game is to avoid the metallic walls of an endless 3D tunnel as you speedily boost your way toward the center of the universe! …or at least, as far through the tunnel as possible… 😅

Right off the bat, the lighting in this game is amazing! For anyone who has ever played a game in VR, you are probably already well aware of just how important lighting is in order to create a realistic 3D environment. As you would expect from a VR game that was ported to mobile, RotatorX nails lighting with gorgeous reflections, beautiful graphics, and dazzling effects.

For anyone who cares a lot about the look and feel of the games they play while on the go, looks-wise RotatorX will not disappoint! …that being said, the overall “feel” of this game probably won’t be for everyone…

If you are one of those gamers who believe “tilt controls” should die and never return – which we know from experience, a lot of mobile gamers are surprisingly passionate about – the controls in RotatorX may just be enough to turn you away.

At this stage, the only way to control your ship in RotatorX is via tilt controls which, to be honest, aren’t actually all that bad, but are still tilt controls nonetheless. This means that you can’t play the game when your phone is facing straight down or while lying in bed, which is a little annoying. An optional second method of control would be nice.

Assuming you don’t mind the tilt controls, RotatorX just keeps getting cooler and cooler the further you progress through the game.

Featuring only 2 powerups to help you achieve a grand high score, one is designed to boost you forward a short distance, while the other essentially gives your ship an extra life in the form of an energy bar.

If you manage to find and use a boost while your ship has an extra energy bar, you will be propelled forward at light speed, instantly boosting your score to a much higher level! This is great, however (and I know that we are nit-picking at this point), the way in which you are thrown back into the game after a boost will often either kill or nearly kill your ship – which is really frustrating when you are just about to achieve a new high score…!

Other than the two points mentioned above, there really isn’t a lot to complain about in this game, it looks good, feels good, and is simple and easy enough to get your head around without a long-winded tutorial. Plus if you really love RotatorX, you can play it in VR!

The Conclusion

Although the game does have its flaws, overall our experience playing RotatorX was an enjoyable one.

With dazzling graphics, simple controls, and best of all no Ads, this is a game we can honestly recommend to anyone who doesn’t despise tilt controls with a passion – and even then, who knows? RotatorX may be the game that changes your mind? 😜

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