Roller Splat! – Level 1 and Level 55 are exactly the same… 😂

When you play a puzzle game, it is kind of expected that level 1 will be a whole lot easier than level 55… or level 97… or anything else for that matter…

Roller Splat! (by Voodoo & Neon Play) is the first puzzle game we have ever played in the history of game reviewing on Edamame Reviews where level┬á1 was literally the same as level 55! WOW! 😂😂😂

Level based games (such as Helix Jump) are incredibly popular.

Not only do these games give you a number to brag to your friends about, but they also create an often false sense of progression as we have seen in oh-so-many games lately – a prime example being Stickman Hook by┬áMadbox.

So why was level 1 the same as level 55 for us? Well, unlike other games which can be procedurally generated in order to create an almost infinite number of somewhat original levels, puzzle games often require a human designer in order to have a definite solution, which costs time and money.

With┬áRoller Splat!┬áthe pool of levels we were given to play with was (and potentially may still is) very tiny. This means that the chances of us being given the same level to solve over and over again were┬áincredibly high! Thus the reason why we were faced with level┬á1 when we were on level 55…

If you were hoping this game was a challenging puzzle game, unfortunately, you’re out of luck. That having been said, if you’re after a brain trainer that randomly┬áhits you up with a wide variety of puzzles that heavily range in difficulty, this is a game you may just want to take a look at.

The Conclusion

It isn’t every day you stumble upon a puzzle game with literally no logical progression in difficulty from one level to the next!

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Ohh!!! I played this game and level 42 was the same as level 1 for me too! LOL!! ­čÖé

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