Rocket Dodge

Watching stuff in slow motion is awesome! …so awesome in fact, that two guys could build a YouTube channel with over 11 million subscribers on the subject… But have you ever imagined just how cool it would be if you could play a game in slow motion!?

Rocket Dodge (by Kwalee) should probably be introduced as a speedy low poly game about dodging incoming missiles – but we’re just going to say, Rocket Dodge is an awesome game for iOS and Android with slow-motion!

Set in the skies above a tiny low-poly planet, Rocket Dodge is a game about avoiding missiles using your expert piloting skills and not much else. With no weapons, other than a nuke which deploys itself every once in a while, you are literally reliant on your skills rather than the stats or power of your ship.

Although the game is super easy to play – simply tap on the left or right sides of the screen in order to swerve your ship to the left or right – this game would be almost impossible for the average player to enjoy if it weren’t for the slow motion!

Whenever a missile is within a certain distance of your player, the game suddenly slows down, zooming in toward the projectile approaching your rocket! This slow down is often just enough for you to pull off a quick turn that allows you to avoid getting blown to smithereens! Not only this, but it allows you to crash missiles into one another which is “INCREDIBLY SATISFYING” to say the least… 😆

If rockets and slow-motion aren’t really your thing, then this game probably isn’t the one for you. That being said, if you love everything we’ve mentioned so far, Rocket Dodge features this and more with a bunch of different ships for you to unlock and upgrade!

The Conclusion

If you’re interested in testing out your piloting skills in the high skies above what we presume is a miniature earth? Then this is the game for you!

One question we have for the developer, “Why are we being shot at!? Are we the good guys or the bad guys…?” Maybe we will find out in a developer interview.

Want to give Rocket Dodge a try? The download link is just below.📲
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