Clicker games have come a long way… Although Death Tycoon (by Koron Studios) isn’t the sort of game you would want to live stream, it is a fun enough game to have on your phone – and hey, it’s great for procrastinators.

For anyone who has a friend or two who consider idle clicker games a disgrace to the world of gaming, clicker games have come a long way. Set in the world after death, Death Tycoon is a newer sort of clicker game centered around building businesses and making money!

Starting out with a small bakery run by ghosts and selling cheap bread, your mission in this game is to use the money you make selling bread in order to upgrade your shop > which allows you to sell more bread > which allows you to upgrade… you get the idea.

The game continues to loop like this until you eventually have enough money to start expanding into other areas such as roast pork, fish bones, and nachos!

Normally this is where our review would have ended. We would say something like, “With nice visuals, simple gameplay, and surprisingly few Ads, Death Tycoon is the perfect game for procrastinators before an exam!” …today it’s a little different…

Whereas most idle games focus on not being “uninstalled” by giving players coins even while the app is closed. Death Tycoon is focused more on entertaining players while the app is open by spawning random events all the time – sometimes every 1-2 minutes! – and creating a wide range of potential upgrades for you to consider.

Although this is great(!) it could have been much greater if Koron Studios hadn’t removed the offline features most idle games in 2018 have at this point… Sure it makes the game easier to hack, but it also makes it way easier to play for busy people…

The Conclusion

If you have a lot of time you need to kill procrastinating before your next test, or simply noticed that your phone is just sitting there collecting dust a lot of the time, Death Tycoon (by Koron Studios) is a great new clicker game we would honestly play more if only the game featured an offline mode.

As it stands right now, Death Tycoon is fun and addictive while you’re playing, but there isn’t a lot to make you want to come back tomorrow…

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