You’ve likely heard the term “Chicken Race” used multiple times throughout your life so far… This said chances are you’ve never seen a chicken race quite like the one featured in Road Warriors… A game every action loving racer simply can’t miss!

Road Warriors is a game about a genetically modified chicken(?) designed to race in what seems to be the craziest intergalactic space race known to mankind! Set on a large scale 2D race course which is re-designed on a daily basis(!) your mission in this game is to modify and pilot your speedy little racer as it boosts over the rough terrain of this deadly race-course.

Played using a simple-ish set of touch controls which allow you to jump and perform flips or shoot your opponents until their cars explode💥 Road Warriors isn’t your typical 2D mobile racing game, to say the least.😅

Centered around flipping, boosting, shooting, and collecting coins, Road Warriors is a game that packs all the best parts of GTA into a single mobile package! …or at least, that’s what we think anyway…

Even so, for players who are actually serious about racing – not simply shooting your opponents – Road Warriors has you covered here as well. With a highly customizable upgrade system that allows players to design their own custom made super cars using the parts collected from the Overwatch style “Loot Boxes” purchasable from the store.

With a high end set of pixel graphics, a gameplay system designed for non-stop action and a new level for you conquer every day of the week(!) Road Warriors is a game action loving mobile racers – such as ourselves – simply can’t get enough of‼️

Oh, yes, and if you’re worried about ads, Road Warriors has you covered there as well…! You can expect not to be hit by a plague of Ads…

The Conclusion

If you dislike the realistic feel of mobile racing games that attempt to simulate real life motorsports and would rather play something a little more ridiculous and funny in your free time, chances are Road Warriors is the racing game for you!

…unless of course, you would rather learn how to walk than race cars…

Want to give Road Warriors a try? The download link is just below.😉

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