SimCity was a great game on PC, but for some reason, we never really enjoyed it quite as much on mobile… Although our smartphones are (by far) powerful enough to run the rather complex tasks you are required to complete as the mayor of a developing city, perhaps it was the complex tasks themselves that prevented us from loving SimCity on mobile? But not any more… because today’s game is great fun! 😆

Pocket City (by Codebrew Games) is a simple new city development simulation game which is not only fun to play but surprisingly easy! Although Pocket City definitely isn’t a clicker game, it almost feels like the developers managed to package a full-on city builder in the shell of a simple clicker game. Everything is just so simple and intuitive…

After playing through the quick in-game tutorial, you’ll soon find yourself in control of a small city with only a fraction of the features and services you’ll need to keep an eye on enabled.

The game gives you instructions in the form of “Quests” and doesn’t require you to take control of everything at once, in fact, you physically can’t build half the things your city will need until you reach a level where it actually becomes useful. Although this may seem strange – or even a little annoying – you’ll likely find that it is just the difficulty curve needed to ease your way into the hard life of being a city mayor.

…and once you’re in there is no getting out…

As we said earlier, Pocket City feels almost as simple and easy to play as an idle clicker game. This simplicity + the satisfaction of managing a city + No Ads = Pure Addictiveness!

…we almost wish this game had Ads as a way of shaking us back to reality… 😅

The Conclusion

With cute graphics, simple gameplay, a reasonable price tag, and no Ads, there really isn’t a lot for us to dislike about this game.

If we were to pick on one point, it is a little less involved than the last SimCity game we tested, (for example, you don’t need to deal with plumbing, landscaping, or powerlines) but for us at least, it was this simplicity that made the game so enjoyable, especially on a mobile device. 😁

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