Do you like playing strict games? Games that are a little like real life where there is no “Undo” button for when you mess up? If so, today we’ve got a game that doesn’t exactly make gaming easy for you…

Perfect Hit (by Voodoo and PHX Software Development) is a simple game that requires you to be almost perfect – if you want to actually get anywhere. Played on a series of minimalistic stages consisting of a few red balls, black obstacles, and a spinning target, your mission in this game is to dash along the stage collecting balls and avoiding obstacles before diving into a hole cut into the target at the end.

Playing the game is simple. Featuring a simple set of touch and drag controls, all you are required to do is slide your finger horizontally across the screen in order to change the position of your balls.

Unfortunately, actually winning in this game isn’t anywhere near as easy as learning how to play. In order to build up a score big enough to move on to the next level before you inevitably screw up and die, you are almost required to activate “FEVER MODE” three, four or even five times in a row!

FEVER MODE is activated when you manage to shoot all your balls through the hole in the target without losing any to the spikes on the side. While your balls are in FEVER MODE, you can smash through obstacles, making it much easier to collect extra balls and build up a high score! …but once you’ve lost it… Good luck…

The Conclusion

With a minimalistic 3D design, simple controls, and an almost unbearable number of Ads, Perfect Hit is yet another interesting game from Voodoo we like the concept of, but would rather not have to play for longer than 5 minutes.

There almost seems to be more Ads than gameplay… 😅

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