Pixel Dodgers – A “strangely familiar” game that feels so Kamehameha!!!

Have you ever heard of a “slightly” popular comic/anime called Dragon Ball?
(What! You have!? You don’t say!!) If Dragon Ball was – and still is – your favourite show/book, today we’ve found a game that may just boost your excitement to the super saiyan level!

Pixel Dodgers is a game about a guy (with hair that looks awfully familiar), powerballs (that look so Kamehameha!!!), and a small floating 3 by 3 chunk of land… Does this game sound familiar to you…?

Your mission in this game is to speedily swipe on the screen of your device in order to help your player avoid getting Kamehameha-ed!!! (is that a word?) to death. You are given a total of 3 lives per game and will disintegrate into nothing but a skull if hit too many times.

Although very simple concept wise – and easy to play using simple swipe gestures – you’ll need a reaction time like Goku’s in order to play this game even remotely well… With powerballs flying in at you from every direction imaginable, you will be required to weave your way in and out of tight situations faster than most people can even blink! (Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration…)

With nice arcade style pixel graphics, and characters that look “strangely familiar”, this game feels like something we always wanted but never quite got our hands on as kids.

Want to play a game other than Pokemon GO on your way to work, school, university? If so, this is one of the best games you could choose!

With simple swipe controls that allow you to play single handedly in busy, bumpy, and bustling situations, Pixel Dodgers is perfect on almost every form of public transport!

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