Phoenix HD

Phoenix HD is crazy. How they manage to keep the FPS (Frames Per Second) so high with so many objects on the screen at once we just don’t know, but somehow it works and it doesn’t crash your device.

Starting off with the coolest ship in Phoenix HD, your mission is to blast as many enemies as possible before your ship is destroyed. When you destroy an enemy ship they will sometimes drop a power up, which can be collect to boost your ship’s guns. Power ups are dropped so often your ship seems to be constantly powering up, adding side guns, homing missiles, laser cannons, laser machine guns, you name it, there’s a power up for it! Seriously, we’d love to get a chance to talk to the developer of this game…

So far we have played this game using 3 different ships, each with it’s own unique abilities. We still all agree that the Phoenix looks the best, but as to which ship has the coolest abilities we still can’t agree. You see, one ship has the ability to show time when it is stationary, making it extremely easy to avoid enemy bullets, while another has an awesome lock on system that pretty much does all the attacking for you. On top of this there are many more ships we haven’t tried and probably more to come…

This is the sort of game that keeps you wondering at night, dreaming about what the next update could hold.

Phoenix HD_SS1 Phoenix HD_SS2

If you’re interested in joining the debate about which ship is better, or if you just want to give this amazing game a try, either way the link is right below.

As for me personally, I like the Phoenix…

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