Our interview with Bird Games the developers of Falling Tower

Here we are, back with another developer interview! This time with Bird Games
the creator of Falling Tower. Before we start we’d like to thank the Bird Games Team for participating in our interview and for answering all of our geeky questions! Thanks!

…and without further ado, our interview begins…


The Interview

/// Thanks for taking the time to talk to us about Falling Tower! Could you kick-start this interview by telling us a little about your studio, yourself, and what drew you into the gaming industry?

Hi, I’m Tom the owner and sole developer of Falling Tower and Bird Games, I’m based in the UK and I have a passion for gaming and game development. The main draw for me to the gaming industry is the sheer amount of possibilities and different experiences that can be shared between everyone. I aspire to create fun experiences that everyone can enjoy!


/// Ok, let’s start talking about Falling Tower. What are the highlights of your latest release?

Falling Tower is a simple hyper-casual game that anyone can enjoy anywhere! The basic idea of the game is to drop a tower down to the level of a target, the ball then needs to land in that target and repeat! At the moment there are 12 different skins for the ball and many different vibrant background colors so you can personalize the game to your liking, I would like to think the main characteristics of the game are that it is addictive and relaxing as well as fun of course!


/// What was the core idea or inspiration behind Falling Tower? And perhaps more importantly, where do you find inspiration for your games in general?

Well, I actually came up with the core idea quite a while ago when I was considering making the game, for some reason I didn’t but now that it’s been developed and published I’m glad I did!

The main inspiration for Falling Tower was from other hyper-casual games I had played on my phone from studios like Voodoo and Ketchapp, I experienced the wonderful games they had created and wanted mine to be just like them! I think it’s important to look at other people’s work and understand what players like and don’t like about it, this helped me make some important decisions during development.

/// How long was Falling Tower in development for? And are there any interesting and/or exciting moments or experiences you would like to share with us from that time?

Falling Tower took just over a month to create, right from building the core gameplay to bringing the game to life with vibrant visuals! There were a few tough moments during development where certain bugs had me pulling my hair out, but I overcame these and I built what I would like to think is a pretty bug-free experience.

One of the most notable ones I can remember is when the ball decided not to obey the laws of gravity and flew up and to the right at 100mph!


/// What software, developer-tools, or black-magic(?) did you use when making Falling Tower? Is there anything you would like to share with the developers who read Edamame Reviews?

I developed Falling Tower using Unity and C#, it’s a great tool that allowed me to create and perfect the idea that I had in my head. There’s tons of support, forums, and tutorials online that guided me through the tricky bits and I would totally recommend it as an amazing tool for developing your game!


/// Is there any secret “developer-advice” you can give our lucky players who read this interview?

The game’s all about precision, make sure to land the tower just under the target!


/// What can we expect to see in Falling Tower or from Bird Games
in the not so distant future? What do we have to look forward to next?

As always no game is ever completely finished and you can expect to see updates to Falling Tower for quite a while. Some of the things that I have planned for future updates are more cosmetics items, customization for the tower, progressive difficulty as you reach higher scores, a new mode and of course, plenty of bug fixes!


/// Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to our awesome team of Writers, Developers, and Supporters who keep Edamame Reviews up and running?

Thank you so much to Edamame for taking interest in my game and providing me with an opportunity to tell people about it, the work that you do for mobile developers is amazing and it really helps us out!

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