Number Descent by Dongi Studio

Stressed out from work? Need some quiet time and distraction?

Number Descent is a hybrid color filling and number connecting game for your Android device. Inspired by the recent trend of using coloring as an alternative activity for meditation, we wanted to add a little spice to the relaxation with simple puzzle solving gameplay!

Everyone loves a little bit of math, no?

To make the game a bit “educational”, puzzles are based on basic math concepts. Number Descent is a casual game designed for all ages with different things to take away.

Number Descent

How to play?

Players are required to connect all the hexagons with a single line. The rule is to connect all numbered hexagons in descending order and matching colors. The final score for each puzzle is the sum of all the numbered hexes. Filling a blank hex gives a score of whatever number it is filled with. The goal is to fill all the hex with the highest number possible. The score bar shows the maximum score achievable in each puzzle.

There is no time limit, however, unless you want our white raccoon mascot to explode… you better solve the puzzles faster. All games need some explosions, right?

Number Descent


– All 750+ puzzles are manually designed and not generated
– 5 difficulty levels and 2 unique mechanics
– Cute raccoon pet – an interactive mascot that responds to player’s actions
– Free Hints
– No in-game microtransactions



Number Descent

About – Dongi Studio

We are two young developers in our late 20s feeling nostalgic about the simple games and music we loved in the 90s. Nintendo, traditional arcade, adventures, puzzles – you name it.

Although the current market is overflowing with high-quality games, we miss that feeling of exploring the unknown, the innocent and stress-free gameplay etc. We want to recreate those games with a relaxing yet addictive atmosphere that immersed our childhood. If you are the same as us, tell us what you feel about recent games and what you want to play. Any comments are welcomed.

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