Tadpole Swimmer

This isn’t a usual funny review of a brand new game you should totally go and check out. In fact, it is almost the opposite. Although Tadpole Swimmer (by Biscuit Cat Game Studio) isn’t a bad game, in all honesty, we’re not exactly sure what we are supposed to be doing.

For the developers who read Edamame Reviews, Tadpole Swimmer is a perfect example of a good game with solid gameplay mechanics and a decent amount of originality, that is yet missing something vital. …and we think we have the answer…


This game is missing the “why” you’ll find in every game. Why are we doing what we are doing? After playing through the tutorial and setting out on our own, we were left with a strange questioning feeling, why are we even doing this?

As far as we know, your mission in Tadpole Swimmer is to find the “Golden Egg” which can be found… where…? 

Although we are taught how to play the game, we aren’t given a reason to play it. For instance, in our recent review of Piffle (by HIPSTER WHALE and Mighty Games) your mission is clear from the start, you are on a hunt to rescue your dog from an evil robot!

Tadpole Swimmer didn’t really give us a reason to want to continue playing.

If you have a good game that doesn’t quite seem to get players addicted, ask yourself this question, “Do players have a reason to keep playing? What is their mission in my game?”

Hope this helps: The Edamame Team

The Conclusion

In most cases, we try not to review games like this, but Tadpole Swimmer and Biscuit Cat Game Studio show so much promise, we thought it would be a waste not to write this quick review illustrating why we would have normally chosen not to review Tadpole Swimmer.

Hopefully a few updates down the road, Tadpole Swimmer will be the amazing game we know it is capable of becoming!

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