Many times now we have used the phrase Flappy Bird-like, or Flappy Bird Style, but today we have something different… Today we have a new game. A game called Ninja Spinki Challenges!! created by the developer of Flappy Bird himself!

Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is a compilation of 6 simple ninja training drills playable in 2 basic game modes, Challenge Mode, and Endless Mode…

The first mode, Challenge Mode, isn’t that hard – or at least isn’t that hard at first – and simply requires you to survive for a set amount of time without dying. Each of the 6 mini games starts off with a super quick 1 image tutorial explaining / reminding you how to play the game meaning most players – no matter how forgetful you are – should be able to enjoy this game.

Now, Endless Mode is a slightly different story… Quickly increasing in difficulty the longer you survive, this mode will probably remind you of Flappy Bird in how the levels are basically designed to kill you… Death is unavoidable…💀

Equipped with these two game modes and some of the cutest Japanese Ninja graphics you can find, Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is a surprisingly fun and addictive little game you’ll have a hard time mastering.

Last but not least! If you are one of the 99.99999999% of individuals who live in this universe and hate pop-up ads, Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is the game for you. With exactly 0 pop-up ads, this game instead has a single (Watch Video To Continue) button which is extremely tempting when you die with 2.3 seconds to go… Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is as close to ad free as most free games will ever get.

The Conclusion

Were you a devoted Flappy Bird fan back in the day? If so, this new game is obviously for you! Whether you loved Flappy Bird or hated it, Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is a simple game we expect “most players will enjoy” to at least one extent or another.

Want to give Ninja Spinki Challenges!! a try? The download link is just below😉

Let us know what you thought in the comments section below and as always thanks for following