Do you hate games that seem to mess with your brain? If so, today’s game isn’t for you. Although this game is exceedingly simple, attempting to perform the tasks in it will give you a headache…

DTYC (a.k.a. Don’t Touch Your Color) is a game about avoiding whatever color your player happens to be. Very simple.

Set on a stage that consists of mostly gray and white, plus a few colored spikes here and there, your mission in this game is to avoid smashing into any spikes that happen to be the same color as your player.

Played using simple, (Tap to Jump Controls), at first it is difficult to imagine just how a game so simple can mess with your brain. …until things start changing color… Every few seconds or so, your player will fly through a 4 colored rainbow(?) swapping colors with one of the 4.

At first, this was surprising but easy enough to handle. But after the 8-9th switch, and the game begins to speed up, it is difficult to remember which spikes you were supposed to avoid last time and which spikes you need to avoid now!

Overall, the longer you play this game the more confusing everything gets, and the more you wish you were back in bed…

The Conclusion

Do you enjoy playing minimal games that revolve mostly around color? If so, DTYC is a game you will probably enjoy. With minimal graphics, a unique concept, and a simple gameplay system that will fry your brain(!) DTYC is a color game you need to try.

Ready to test your skills? The download link is just below😉

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