Muse Dash

It took us far longer than we anticipated to review this game, but we can assure you, it was well worth the wait! Muse Dash (by X.D. Network and PeroPeroGame) is by far the coolest rhythm game we have ever played on mobile. Headphones are a NECESSITY when playing this game!

Right off the bat, Muse Dash isn’t your average mobile rhythm game. Ever since the rise of piano tiles, most of the rhythm games we have come into contact with consist of a minimalistic design and some sort of “tappable object” that falls from the top of your screen.

This fairly boring design paired with mediocre copyright free music is kind of what we expect now when we play a new rhythm game for the first time… Oh were we mistaken!


Muse Dash features a lively set of cute and highly animated 2D and 3D graphics that are anything but minimalistic! Most of the time, the game looks like a scene taken out of a Japanese anime filled with cute characters, loveable enemies, and most importantly music you’ll actually want to listen to!

Currently featuring a total of 30 songs composed by musicians from Japan, China, and Taiwan, Muse Dash feels less like a “game” and more like an “album” with playable elements. The reason for this being how perfectly synchronized the gameplay elements are to the beat of the music…

In our review of Dancing Ball Saga (by Cheetah Technology) one of our comments was how every so often your ears would trick you into tapping on the screen when you weren’t supposed to. This was probably in order to make the game last longer by making it more difficult, but it also ruined that feeling players get as they really begin to feel the beat – which allows them to hit enemies as they appear(!) without relying on what is currently visible on the screen.

Muse Dash doesn’t trick players but instead enhances that feeling by simply moving onto a faster beat as the game becomes more difficult. It is almost as though the game is silently challenging you to keep up.


Played by rhythmically tapping on the left or right sides of the screen in order to punch enemies that move toward you on the ground as well as in the air, Muse Dash is played just like any standard high-end rhythm game with Fevers, Sliders, and Combos. The only real difference gameplay wise is the overall sense of cuteness that fills every aspect of the game.

If you enjoy the fast beat of Asian POP music, Muse Dash is a game you simply can’t miss!

The Conclusion

At this point, we are 100% addicted to Muse Dash – which is a problem considering just how many more games there are waiting for us to review – so, unfortunately, we will have to end our review here. 😭

With cute everything and the promise of more songs to come (as DLC content), Muse Dash is a game we intend on keeping an eye on in the next coming months, as we hopefully see more cool stuff added into the game!

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