In case you weren’t aware, we actually like Clicker Games. Although some hardcore gamers… ok, probably “most” hardcore gamers won’t forgive us for saying this, but Clicker Games are actually kind of amazing on mobile. In a lot of cases, simplifying gameplay is a great idea, but has 111% taken it a step too far with Rune Rider…? Well, we’re not really sure… 😅

Rune Rider (by 111%) is essentially a game about killing emoji. Played using an armed stick man, your mission in this game is to essentially tap go… and that’s about it… seriously!

At first glance, Rune Rider looks like a clicker game. With a level-system that heavily resembles popular clicker games such as Tap Titans 2 (by Game Hive Corp), Rune Rider automates “almost” all the battling, leaving you with the exciting job of choosing your character’s weapon.

Although it is kind of debatable whether or not deciding what weapon to give to a stickman is fun or not, choosing a weapon in Rune Rider can prove to be more difficult than you would probably first expect. With 2 base stats, “Speed” and “Power”, your job in Rune Rider is to decide what tokens to add to your weapon in order to enhance its overall deadliness! Tokens are collected during the battles you fight and can be leveled up using the extra tokens you collect + the power of money.

Now, for us, the beauty of a clicker game is its offline mode. Being able to forget about a game for a day or two while still actually getting somewhere is amazing(!) and having an extra 20M gold to spend on upgrades each time you open the app is great motivation to continue playing. And well, Rune Rider doesn’t do that…

Rune Rider automates gameplay while you are playing the game, which is probably really fun for some gamers, but for us, sort of defeats the purpose of even playing a highly automated clicker game.

With mid-range visuals, a normal number of Ads, and an endless supply of emoji for you to destroy, this is a game we didn’t really fall in love with, but we expect some other players will!

The Conclusion

Rune Rider is a good game. Although it didn’t really fit in with our style of gameplay, we expect some players will really enjoy it. If you actually dislike it when the games you play continue to advance while in the background, this is the game for you!

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