Mr. Catt – A slow and thoughtful puzzle game where you light up the night sky.

Have you ever wondered who lights up the night sky? Who is it that “lights” the brilliant display of stars that dazzle above us at night? Well, according to Mr. Catt, it’s a small White cat that “normally” tends to the millions of twinkling lights we see in our sky… Normally…

The story of Mr. Catt begins rather abruptly (and we can understand why!) with White cat, “the tender of the night sky” suddenly vanishing without a trace! Obviously this is a very big problem and so, Mr. Catt (or just Catt for short) set’s off on an adventure in search of his friend White cat.

During your journey you will be required to tend to a few stars, keeping the night sky alight, and the galaxy at pease.

Now, for puzzle lovers this game is amazing! With super simple touch and drag controls, 300 uniquely designed levels, and an awesome soundtrack to help the hours fly just that little bit faster (Weren’t they fast enough already?), this game will have you stuck in a puzzling trance for hours – but what may be the best feature of all is the freedom you have in this game.

You see, besides a move count, (i.e. clear this stage within “x” number of moves) the way in which you go about clearing different stages is entirely up to you and you alone! Meaning although you don’t have “complete freedom” it’s comes pretty close…

Last but not least are the graphics. With a minimal number of potentially distracting animations, and instead an abundance of beautiful high quality still images. Some of the scenes in this game actually look less like a “game” and more like a “work of art” which you may even consider using as your phone’s wallpaper😉

Do beautiful images, simple gameplay, a high level of freedom, and no time limit (a feature we nearly forgot to mention) appeal to you?

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