Wrecky Road – Are you ready to smash some cars!

Do you like playing racing games where “Ramming Into Your Opponent” is one of the main features for you to enjoy? If so, we may have just found the perfect indie game for you!

Wrecky Road is a very brutal game to say the least. Set in an open cut out between two large cliffs, your mission in this game is to use whatever you can, (i.e. Trees, Boulders, Massive Billboards set up the middle of nowhere) and ram your opponents into them without damaging your car or getting caught up in the explosion.

Unfortunately the game doesn’t explain why we are running away from a massive horde of enemies, but as the game progresses more and more enemies will begin to creep up on you from behind making it harder and harder for you to ram individual cars without getting boxed in and taken down yourself…😱

Although very crazy, the game itself is relatively easy to play, and for the most part looks pretty good graphics wise. A game well worth trying, especially if you like smashing cars.

How long have you been making Apps or Games?

We have been making games as a team for the past two years.
As individuals, we had been making games as a hobby for substantially longer (4+ years).


Is this your first creation?

Not at all. This is our second commercially released game, and we have another game which was Greenlit on Steam late last year. We also have many game prototypes, and stuff made during game jams that never saw the light of day.


What do you use to make your apps or games?

We have been using Unity for all of our projects.

There was a period where we trialled Unreal Engine 4, however the time it would take to learn a new engine outweighed the benefits we would gain from doing so.


So, tell us about your app!

Wrecky Road: Canyon Carnage is an infinite runner inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road.

The game concept is simple: You are driving down a wasteland canyon, while being pursued by various enemy vehicles. You must survive for as long as you can by ramming enemies into obstacles while avoiding them yourself.

We first came up with the idea while we were exhibiting another game at Pax Aus last year. One of the team members had recently watched Mad Max, and came up with the idea of capturing its car chase scenes in a video game.

Following several weeks of discussion and narrowing down the scope, we came up with the game Wrecky Road. Though it was playable it had quite a few rough edges, some of which could not be smoothed without doing a massive overhaul. So using the feedback we had received, that is exactly what we did. During this period all of the art was remade, and much of the code was rewritten.

The end result was Wrecky Road: Canyon Carnage.

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