Looper! – Flashing Lights, Sick Beats, and it’s all in the timing ✌️

Do you love making music? If so, you have a talent almost everyone here at Edamame Reviews would be willing to kill for! …ok, maybe not, but you get the idea… 😅

Looper! (by Kwalee) is a gorgeous game about creating live music on your iOS or Android device without having any of the beats (quite literally) clashing with one another! The key to success in this game? It’s all in the timing!

Played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to place glimmering “beats” on different interlocking 2D shapes, your mission in this game is to prevent these beats from colliding with one another as they slide around whatever shape they are on. Much, much easier to visualize in a video!

Assuming our explanation above was enough to paint a clear-ish image of Looper! in your head, your mission in this game is to get a given number of beats to sit happily on whatever shapes you are given without colliding. Which can sometimes be much harder than it looks…

Why we used the word “sometimes” in the sentence above was because you can often clear any given level by simply barraging the screen of your device and sending all your beats off all at once. Easy! 😆

That being said, other levels can be much harder, so you will need to train your timing skills.

With lovely graphics and even better audio effects to go along, this game looks and sound great to play. The only drawback is the number of ads you will be required to sit through – we are sort of getting used to this at this point…

The Conclusion

If you’re in need of a pretty new game for your iOS or Android device centered around music and with sick beats, this is the game for you. We love it!

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