Happy Glass – Filling a glass can be kind of hard… 😂

Have you ever found filling a glass of water hard? Well, with the invention of the cyber world, almost any task can either be made super easy… or stupidly difficult… with Happy Glass, Lion Studios takes the latter approach…

Happy Glass (by Lion Studios) is a game about filling glasses with water. Set on a rectangular plane of drafting paper (i.e. your screen) your mission in this game is to draw lines in order to channel water into your glass.

If you manage to fill up your glass before the water runs out, you win! Better still, if you manage to fill your glass without using more than a given amount of ink, you win with 1, 2, or best of all 3 stars. This isn’t too hard at first… but just you wait and see…

With a total of 540 levels for you to puzzle your way through (with many more levels coming soon), this game is going to keep you puzzling over the screen of your device for hours, trying to figure out the most efficient way to fill up your glass whilst using as little ink as possible.

Although the puzzles in this game are fun, and we are only required to watch a 30 second Ad every 3-4 levels, in our opinion, it isn’t exactly worth $11.00 a week…

If you somehow manage to fall in love with this game to the extent that $11.00 a week seems justifiable, Happy Glass offers a premium VIP subscription which will give you a bunch of different things each day including Ad-free gameplay.

Other than that, Happy Glass features a bunch of different skins and characters which can be used to customize your gameplay. Other than that, Happy Glass is actually a fairly basic puzzle game we think players who like to puzzle things out will really enjoy!

The Conclusion

If you want to experience just how hard it is to full up a glass of water in a digital 2D world, then this is the game for you. Every now and then there are people who say they would rather live in a 2D world… After playing Happy Glass, I think there is a chance they would change their mind…

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