LONELY SUN – A beautiful game that may just destroy your smartphone…

LONELY SUN is an annoyingly difficult game. We will be honest, the number of times we attempted level 1 (the easiest level in the game) and failed are countless😓 If it were any other game, we would most likely tell you to go look for an easier game…

But it is LONELY SUN we are talking about here, and if you know anything about this new release, you probably already know what we mean…

LONELY SUN is an immensely good looking platformer game (which is also annoyingly difficult) that would look amazing on the vibrant new display of your flashy new iPhone 7. “The only problem?” It is almost impossible.

Played using simple swipe gestures to increase or decrease gravity’s effect on a small boulder, your mission in this game is to guide your player (i.e. the boulder) through dangerous caves in search of crystals which are eventually used to grow your boulder into a planet big enough to orbit around the lonely sun. (Thus the name LONELY SUN.)

Although both the gameplay system and theory behind the game are extremely user-friendly and simple, when it comes down to pure-difficulty this game is a killer💀

With no checkpoints one wrong move and it’s straight back to square one… Although very annoying for some players, depending on what type of gamer you are, LONELY SUN’s super strict gameplay system may actually be enjoyable.

You see, due to the fact that LONELY SUN is a paid app, you’ll never have to watch any annoying pop-up ads between runs, and thanks to the time you save “not watching ads” your skill level will definitely increase much faster than in most free games…😉

In the end, it pretty much boils down to personal preference.

Would you rather spend a little and have an impossible game frustrate you, or download a free app with frustrating ads? The choice is yours.

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