LASER! – A laser dodging game that won’t stress you out…?

Do you enjoy playing practical games? We do, but just like everyone else, there are some games that we enjoy more than others, one of them being today’s game LASER! (Why do we think this game is awesome?) because you can set it down without dying…!

LASER! is a very neat little game. Based on lasers (What a surprise😱) your mission in this game is to jump through a very nicely designed minimalist stage without getting blasted to bits. Pretty simple.

Set on a stage consisting of a path made of blocks, your player (a small cube), and of course laser towers (small red pyramids positioned around each stage). The game is played using simple tap controls to move your player up along the path 2 steps at a time, i.e. 1 tap will move your player 2 blocks along the path.

Now, if you’ve played a lot of minimalist games you’ve probably already played quite a few games that are “similar” to LASER! Chances are the “similar” games you previously played were extremely difficult, and unless you are extremely strong willed, you probably gave up playing them pretty quickly… This is where LASER! becomes awesome!

Although we’re not sure whether or not we’re allowed to classify this as a “feature”, in LASER! you won’t die even if you put the game down!

At first this may not sound like much of a feature, but after thinking about it for a minute, in a game like laser which is mostly based on “timing”, (i.e. When will the laser fire next? Is it safe to move now?) allowing the player to sit for a minute and observe their surroundings without dying is a huge plus, especially for players who aren’t all that brilliant at fast paced action games…😉

Do you like the look of minimalist games, but find most of them simply way too hard?
If so, LASER! is a game you need!

With really nice minimalist graphics, no deadline (that we know of), and an infinitely long stage you’ll never get sick of, this may just be the game you’ve always been waiting for.

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