CNTR – A game about a ball, a circle, and some of the best graphical effects ever!

CNTR is a game about a ball, a circle, and some of the best graphical effects ever! …Seriously!

CNTR is a game about jumping. Your mission in this game is to jump around a rotating circular maze-like stage in order to somehow make your way to the centermost circle in the maze and win. Pretty simple.

Now, what sets this game apart from every other circular maze-like game we’ve played so far are the amazingly good looking effects! Although there aren’t all that many sudden explosions or random streaks of color shooting across your screen, the attention the developers of this game mus have put into the small details is amazing!

You see, each section of each puzzle isn’t a hard line set fast in cyberspace, it is a moving part which can be – and will be – affected by the way in which you interact with it. Probably the best way to describe CNTR would be, (A logical game that responds to your actions in the way in which you would normally expect.)

Now, although CNTR is a very logical game, it definitely isn’t an easy game.

The game is played using simple one touch controls to make your ball jump, which is easy enough, but using these simple controls you will be required to control your ball in a very “challenging” stage to say the least. Both your ball and each segment of the circular stage will rotate in a different direction and at a slightly different speed, meaning you’ll need to adapt to different speeds almost instantaneously.

On top of this, there are annoying little obstacles, most of which won’t kill you, but will definitely get in the way of your climb…

Are you in need of an intuitive maze-like jumper game that feels great when you win!
(Wait a sec… What game won’t make you fell great when you win…?)

With really nice physics-based graphics, a gameplay system which should just make sense to most players, and lots of levels to keep you entertained, this is a game you should probably check out before your next road trip…

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