Kubik – Ketchapp’s brilliant take on traditional Tetris

When was the last time you played Tetris? Chances are you – just like the majority of other players – haven’t played the iconic game in years! Today that’s all about to change…

Kubik is Ketchapp’s new 3D version of Tetris for mobile, and it is Brilliant! Just to clarify, there have been a number of mobile versions of Tetris to hit the App Store and Google play in the past. Unfortunately, all of these games had one thing in common, “none of them felt anything like the original game.” 

Kubik is different…

Kubik is the first mobile version of Tetris we think may actually be “better(!?)” than the original! Set on a relatively small 3 by 3 gridded stage, your mission in this game is to rotate the stage, (by swiping either left or right), in order to change the position of the stage on which the blocks land. “Not the position of the falling blocks themselves.”

Although just like anything new, these controls will require a little getting used to, once you figure out how to use them you will never want to play any other version of Tetris ever again! The simple swipe controls reduce the chance of accidental button pressing to 0%, and the clean minimalist 3D graphics are nothing short of beautiful!

The one thing you may find tricky for a little while is judging just how high you can stack without hitting GAME OVER. The exact number seems to be 10 blocks high, but you will see warning signs beforehand so as long as you stay focused you shouldn’t die too easily…

If you have always been a devoted Tetris fan – or just like the game – we strongly recommend you give Kubik a try. In our experience, Kubik is currently the best way to play Tetris on mobile.

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