Today we’ve got a game with one of the shortest lifespans of any game on earth, so if you want to enjoy it, you’d better hurry…

Just like most people listen to Christmas Carols at or near Christmas, and stores don’t sell Candy Canes all year round, most people don’t play Christmas Games at just any time of the year.

Son of Santa is a Christmas Game with just enough levels to get you through to the end of Christmas without getting too bored. Loosely based on a Flappy Bird style gameplay system, your mission in this game is to “flap” over the houses of sleeping children while dropping presents and avoiding obstacles.

The game is played using a type of split controls, where tapping on one side of the screen allows you to flap, while tapping on the other allows you to drop presents on the houses of waiting children who believe!

Although there is a bit of a story line to go along with why Santa jr is giving out presents instead of Santa Claus, honestly most players would probably play this game for the ingenious gameplay system, not for the storyline.

If you’ve always loved flappy style avoidance games, Son of Santa is an awesome variant on traditional flappy style games perfect to get you into the Christmas Spirit!

The Conclusion

Need a Christmas Game you can play and enjoy within the next few days?
If so, Son of Santa is an extremely well made Christmas game you won’t regret giving a try.

Ready to get into the Christmas Spirit? The download link is just below😉

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