Knife vs Fruit – Maybe the best game from Orangenose Studios… Ever…‼️😆


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If you follow our reviews, it probably isn’t hard for you to tell that we are fans of Orangenose Studios. The games they create are always so fun, simple, and always so original(!), you can imagine our surprise when Orangenose Studios released Knife vs Fruit, a game that looks an awful lot like a game from Ketchapp you might recognize…?

Knife vs Fruit is a game about skillfully throwing knives up at a giant piece of rotting fruit. The aim of the game is to fit a given number of knives within a limited amount of space without accidentally hitting one of your own knives. As you progress through the game, you will be required to fit more knives within a smaller surface area, making the game more and more difficult over time… 😅

If you know your games, at this point you are probably thinking to yourself originality…?

Knife vs Fruit definitely isn’t original, however, unlike the countless low-quality clones of popular games we see flooding the Apple App Store and Google PlayKnife vs Fruit takes things a step further. Knife vs Fruit actually increases the level of quality in a clean and elegant way you don’t normally see in the mobile gaming industry!

With a simple – almost minimalistic – design, fluid animations, 1,000 levels for you to complete, and some very unique game-over cutscenes, Knife vs Fruit adds to the experience of throwing knives at fruit in a comical new way we really enjoy. 🔪

On top of this, for players who have become overly skilled at throwing knives at virtual rotating targets, Knife vs Fruit is entirely level based, meaning you won’t have to work your way back up to a challenge each and every time you GAME OVER. The game just keeps getting harder and harder!

Available on both iOS (soon) and AndroidKnife vs Fruit is a fun little game we really enjoyed. 😆 If only everyone who copied added this much more value to it… 😓

The Conclusion

Knife vs Fruit is not only a fun game, but it is also a great illustration of how indie-developers should be copying ideas. Why make a clone that is worse than the original when you could add so much more value to the original idea, essentially making a better game!

Knife vs Fruit is a game we learned a lot from and really enjoyed. 👾

Want to give Knife vs Fruit: Just Shoot It! a try? The download link is just below.📲
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