Karaz’s Conquest – Dominate the universe with Tamagotchi~!😱😱😱

As a youngster, did you fall into the Tamagotchi craze the world simply was not ready for…? Although our memories could be wrong, we remember some children with 3, 4 or even 5 of these highly demanding egg-like devices dangling from their necks, and constantly asking for some form of attention! No wonder this generation fit right into the demanding culture of social media…

Karaz’s Conquest (by Lek Chan) is a game about a small fleet of space invaders aiming to take over the galaxy in an attempt to broadcast your commander’s “Terrible Music” to the farthest corners of the galaxy! …in short, you are basically terrorists… 😓

Played on a gridded 2D map, the game is played in turns (i.e. Move to a new square on the map ➡ Fight enemies ➡ Restore your soldier’s health ➡ Repeat) while following a simple storyline. The gameplay is simple enough, and the in-game tutorial does a decent job of guiding you through the different steps of playing the game. After playing Karaz’s Conquest, we can confirm, this game isn’t for everyone.

If all you want to do is battle enemies, Karaz’s Conquest is going to be a nightmare. After each and every battle you will be required to attend to each and every one of your soldiers either individually – or in bulk – in order to prevent them from becoming depressed or dying. …remember your Tamagotchi…?

Although Karaz’s Conquest won’t suddenly demand your full attention at 3 AM, it does require you to take that extra step of actually keeping your crew happy which most games simply ignore. That being said, if you like playing games that require a high-ish level of care in order to succeed, you are going to love this game.

By caring for your crew, your soldiers will slowly evolve, gradually becoming more powerful when in battle! Not all soldiers evolve in the same way, meaning it is up to you to figure out just where to position them in order to get the most out of their particular skill or ability.

With a light and funny story-line, not too many Ads, and pixelated visuals, Karaz’s Conquest is a game you’re not going to regret downloading! 😆 …unlike the parents of that kid with 5 Tamagotchi…

The Conclusion

If you share the same dream as the commander in Karaz’s Conquest – a dream to force everyone in the galaxy to listen to your atrocious singing – then this is the game for you.

For our ear’s sake, we hope neither you nor commander Karaz ever make it to planet Earth…🌏

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