Whether you are bored at work, traveling on the bus, or simply having a quiet moment, Squidge was made to fill in those brief moments of boredom in your day.

Play as Squidge, the cute pink marshmallow, and fend off unending waves of cute critters in this reflex-based arcade game. Unlock characters and use their fun abilities to reach the highest score on the leaderboards.


How to play?

When designing Squidge, we aimed to make the Gameplay as simplistic as possible. The controls are as easy as tapping on the left or the right side of the screen in order to attack left or right. At first, this may seem almost too easy for an experienced player, but once your score starts to grow and the game speeds up, these simple controls will help you to keep going for as long as possible.

The goal of the game is straightforward: Hit the enemies before they hit you. But be careful not to attack more times than necessary, or you may just hit the wrong person.

Pro Tip: If you are aiming for those high-scores, the best course of action is to unlock a character with a powerful ability to help you!



All of the Characters in Squidge are unlockable through hard work, and good scores:

1. 10 Characters to unlock, each with fun and powerful abilities!
2. 10+ Unique Locations to protect
3. 15+ Cute and retro enemies to unlock

We are still adding more content, and love to design even more cool abilities!




About – Incinious

Incinious is a small indie game development studio based in Australia. We started Incinious back in 2013 with one goal in mind, creating fun games to play. Now 5 years later we believe we are still fulfilling that goal, as we continue to create interesting and entertaining games to play.

If you love Games, maybe take a look at what we have made in the past, or follow us to keep track of what’s coming up next!

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